oe3d Digitales Geländemodell Österreich

Project Summary

Project oe3d is the effort to develop innovative methods to generate and processs digital elevation models. oe3d provides a free, complete, high resolution digital surface model of Austria in one arc-second resolution.


As of summer 2013, there existed three freely available digital elevation models of Austria.

We are aware of the data sets by Viewfinder Panoramas but refrain from using them because of unclear licensing/origin and incomplete coverage of Austria at a resolution of one arc second. The goal of project oe3d is to combine the aforementioned three free datasets to a complete digital elevation model of Austria in one arc second resolution (which amounts to a 20-30 meter resolution at Austria's latitude).

Technical Approach

Based on least-squares methods from mathematical optimization, we generate a digital elevation model of one arc second resolution from the three input data sets.


The digital surface model oe3d, licensed under the terms of CC-BY-SA 3.0, is available for download. The GPLv3-licensed software methods are available for download here. We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates on the progress of our work.

Project Background

This project is lead by Rechenraum e.U., a Vienna based high-tech startup for software and consulting in geometry processing. The project received funding from the Internet Foundation Austria (IPA) within the netidee 2013 Call 8.


For more information on project oe3d, get in touch with us:

Rechenraum GmbH
Gartengasse 21/3
1050 Wien

Telefon: +43 (0)681 81502316